Internship Opportunities

The Crisis Clinic is a private non-profit agency that provides confidential and anonymous 24-hour telephone crisis intervention, information and referral to human services resources. As a student intern you will have opportunities to:

Communication Skills

Develop effective communication skills essential to providing quality crisis intervention


Interviewing Skills

Develop interviewing skills to assist callers in finding the most appropriate community resources

Problem Solving Skills

Learn and develop techniques to assist callers in their problem-solving process, especially when there are no appropriate community resources

Social Services Experience

Work within the social services systems of five counties and experience the strengths, weaknesses and “missing pieces”

Mental Health Experience

Understand the roles of the various mental health services providers

Available Internships

Contact us to find out about our current internship opportunities.

Initial Internship Requirements


Successfully complete the application process.



Successfully complete the interview process.

Collaborate with Program Manager

Responsible for collaborating with Program Manager and University sponsor in drafting learning contact between The Crisis Clinic and the school to meet school requirements.

Orientation and Training

Successfully complete the orientation, 60 hours of training, and evaluation.

Phone Work

Complete at least 200 hours of phone work at the rate of not more than 20 hours per week, including one 8 hour overnight shift per week.

Monthly Meetings

Responsible to set up and attend monthly meetings with the on-site supervisor.

Note: Final evaluation will be written upon the completion of internship hours required per contract. Evaluations include self-evaluation and collaborative evaluation.

Available Internships

Contact us to find out about our current internship opportunities.